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Maitreyi K (a) Parinaama is an MBA student on a journey to stretch her mind beyond dimensions without letting her 5 ft frame limit her explorations. Writing is one of her passions, which she utilizes to the fullest extent in these blog posts, ably assisted by her brother & editor, Subrahmanyam. 


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Walking You Home

An unexpected journey with your soul


Our first book, Walking You Home is an experimental collection of 20 carefully worded poems, meant to make you gain a better appreciation for your body, boost your self-image, test your limits, and help you unlearn the limitations put on you by your past or even your present.


It requires the reader to work with the poems by reflecting on each one, each day, for a journey of 20 days, at the end of which you will see a marked difference in the way you approach your life.


Give it a shot!

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